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Being Happy"BEING HAPPY!" is about…

  • Why you spill spaghetti bolognaise only down the front of your best suit?
  • Why some people always seem to be in the right place at the right time - and how you can be one of them?
  • Why bills always come at once?
  • Why you can drive an old wreck for 15 years and never scratch it... and then dent your new car after two days!

It is a book about: Understanding yourself

  • Being able to laugh at yourself
  • Becoming more prosperous
  • Being able to forgive yourself
  • It is a book about being happy.

"Being Happy is my favourite book because it works and it helped me win the British Open."
Nick Faldo, Professional Golfer

Chapter 1
Patterns; Self-Image; Self-Image and the Subconscious; Health; Pain; We Become Part of Our Everyday World; Prosperity

Chapter 2
Live, Now! Waiting for Things; Forgiveness; Happiness; Dealing with Depression; Humour

Chapter 3
Dominant Thoughts; Your Subconscious; Imagination; Mental Rehearsal; We Get What We Expect; The Law of Attraction; We Attract What We Fear; The Power of Words; Gratitude

Chapter 4
Goals; Limitations; Problems; Mistakes; The Law of Sow & Reap; Risks; Commitment; Effort; Eleventh Hours; Persistence; Ask! Reasons or Results

Chapter 5
Nature; Learning from Children; Keep Moving; Use It or Lose It; Relax and Let Go; Change; How Much Do We Really Understand? You Give Life Its Value

Chapter 6 Here is Where You Begin

Size: 180mm x 235mm (7" x 9 1/4")
ISBN (USA) 0-8431-7491-9
ISBN (UK, Asia, Australia) 0-646-31066-6

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