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Follow Your Heart"Your mission in life is not to be WITHOUT PROBLEMS - your mission is to GET EXCITED.

Follow Your Heart is about.

  • Doing what you love
  • Dealing with bills and broken legs
  • Discovering your own power
  • Not blaming your mother

"Whoever you are, you aren't STUCK - you are a human being, not a tree!"


Chapter 1
Why Do I Need Disasters? Lessons;
Living & Learning

Chapter 2
The Law of the Seed; Cause & Effect;
As You Get Better, the Game Gets Bigger; Discipline; Be Adaptable!

Chapter 3
Beliefs; My Job is the Problem! Making Money; Spoil Yourself! It's Not What Happens.

Chapter 4
Attachment; Attachment to Money; Giving; Attachment to Lovers

Chapter 5
Why Think Positive? How Positive Thinking Shapes Your Subconscious; Thought Reaps Results

Chapter 6
Doing What You Love; Your Career; Changing Direction; What's Your Excuse?

Chapter 7
Make a Start! Courage; Trying New Things; The Secret of Power; Why Not You?

Chapter 8
Luck; Thoughts; Peace of Mind; The Whole Picture

Chapter 9
Why Are We Here? Forgiveness; Family; Love and Fear

Chapter 10
When You Change...; You're Not Alone!

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