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Chapter 1
We All Get Nervous; Habits; Comparing Ourselves; Who Do You Think You Are; Waiting for Someone ...; Taking Ourselves Too Seriously

Chapter 2
The Distance We Keep; Quit Playing Games; Attracting People; Stop Passing The Buck; Honesty Pays Off; Expressing Anger

Chapter 3
Our Expectations; Assert Yourself; Leave People To Their Own Thoughts; Stop Explaining Your Life; When You Want To Say "NO!"

Chapter 4
The Value of Compliments; Teddy; Talking; Do What You Say; People Want Respect; Tell People How You Feel; People Need Space

Chapter 5
It's What You Don't Say; Taking Offence; Avoiding Arguments; Telling People "You're Wrong"; Humiliating People; Criticism; Ask Questions First; Anger Doesn't Motivate; Establish They Rules; Learning From Your Mistakes; You Get What You Expect; Form Wins Friends; Expectations In A Friendship; Limits Of Friendship

Chapter 6
Hugs; Judging People; Gossip; Giving; Jealousy; Making Others Happy; When Spending Time With Miserable People ...; Trying To Change People; Who's Perfect?

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