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Being Happy!

"This is such a wonderful book for a person who "can’t live for today" – who is always worried about tomorrow and what had happened yesterday! A recommended book to live a happier life."
Teguh Luntoro, rmt54@mitra.net.id

All the secrets of life…
"All the secrets of life can be found within the pages of this book. You know your Mom always said that the answer to life comes not in a nice neat package? Well, here it is, and not only that, it's superbly and humorously presented! As complete a guidance as they ever get: Being Happy!
A happily illustrated guide to cheer you up when upset."
A reader from Malaysia
December 25, 1997

This book is like no other book – it is WONDERFUL!
"I've ever read. It helps you understand yourself and life better. The book is written in a light and funny way, but does not fail to deliver very meaningful and true messages. It's amazing how much you can learn from this book. It’s great for improving your self-esteem. There are also some well-picked quotes carefully arranged to suit each topic that will simply motivate you and give you inspirations. And best of all, there are some comic drawings (all related to the topics) that will give you hiccups from laughing! Read this book when you're feeling down! It'll lift your spirits and put a BIG smile on your face to face the world with an "I can do it!" attitude. To put it simply, this book is WONDERFUL!!!"
linlh@pl.jaring.my, florals@hotmail

Simplicity of the book made so much sense
"I read it thinking it couldn't do much help to my confidence level, as it was so low then, but it did wonders. Direct, simple but hits every nail right on the head. It was magnificent, it brings back more of my confidence every time I read it. I owe a lot to Andrew Matthews."
A reader from Malaysia
August 29, 1998

The highest praise for a very funny & enlightening book.
"Being Happy! is one of the greatest books I've ever read! It is by far my favourite book. I think of it as my little bible for life. It sums up how to live a happy life & how to get what you desire out of life. It does it all in a very funny and cute way. It's an amusing book, with great insights into life. It has fantastic and very humorous analogies that help you see life in such a wonderful way. And it does it all very simply without any psychological or academic terminology to make it verbose. It's great fun to read. I'm currently re-reading it. I love the philosophy on life it presents."
A reader from Boston, Massachusetts
September 9, 1998

I have benefited from this book like no other I've read.
"Easy to read, absolutely full of great advice and food for thought. I actually went back a second and third time and highlighted parts relevant to me. I cannot recommend this enough for people who truly want to change the way they think about everyday situations and turn their world into a happier one, simply by adjusting their thought patterns. (Patterns you don't realise you have). It's not heavy and there are no ridiculous 'exercises'... it's all good fun and provides great benefits.. I think he's a great author and have bought all 3 of his books."
from Australia, September 22, 1998

Enjoyable, easy to read guidelines for greater happiness
"The author did a great job at simplifying the wisdom and insights of modern thinkers, easy to understand, and - most importantly - fun to read. His funny cartoons that illustrate his points are hilarious. You can't help having many "aha" moments, light bulbs lighting up all over. This is an extremely helpful, enjoyable book, smooth reading, uplifting, enlightening. For those who've roamed the self-help shelves, a great refresher, a fun summary of well-tested principles. Plus, it's not a workbook - no exercises, yeah! Just follow the flow of the book and you'll get it."
A reader from Los Angeles, California
December 27, 1998

A book to be read over and over
"This book is full of valuable, insightful information about the nature of human beings, relationships, thinking, and happiness. Best of all, the delivery is brilliant, easy to read, and humorous. The book can be read cover-to-cover or in bits and pieces with equal success. A book to be read over and over, and to be shared with everyone."
Jay Yourch, jayourch@msn.com
Raleigh, NC USA, April 5, 1999

Essential for Life
"Andrew Matthews has created the bible to Being Happy with life. A friend of mine recommended this book to me last year and I just loved it. It was the easiest book to read, it doesn't lecture you - it just makes you realise your thought patterns and how they can influence your daily activities. I continually got this book out every few months to have a browse. I lent it to a friend and unfortunately never got it back. I went and bought another copy - that is how much I loved it."
A reader from Australia
July 31, 1999

The first REAL guide book for everyday life!
"I picked up this book at a low point in my life, and it literally changed my way of thinking. This book can only be described as simply wonderful, and easy to understand. With his brand of humour, Andrew Matthews has a way of putting things into perspective, without sounding "preachy". Definitely a book that you can use again and again! I've also read Making Friends and Follow Your Heart - all three books are must-reads! God Bless Andrew Matthews!"
A reader from Montreal, Canada
September 29, 1999

Enjoyable yet life changing
"After receiving this book as part of a development course it really did assist me to change my life for the better. I have since given the book to 8 other people who have also benefited. Puts 'life' into perspective using situations we all know well, sometimes too well! A great read if you're in need of a pick me up, but not for life’s 'victims' - they simply won't get it!"
Lisa, oneill@pavilion100.freeserve.com
Manchester, England, 26 October, 1999

Sagely advice on initiating positive change in yourself.
"Andrew Matthews really hits his mark of promoting internal happiness. Perhaps the most poignant observation he makes in the book is that your thoughts become your reality. Whether it's positive or negative is really up to you."
Chad Stellrecht
Loveland, CO, December 1, 1999

The best book for self improvement
"I bought this book on a day when I was feeling very low and sad. The chapter on setting goals and fulfilling it is fantastic. The cartoons depicting each chapter and topics are amusing and makes reading much more interesting. This book helped me in changing my attitude towards life, my marriage (in which I am very happy), and most important my belief in myself. Thanks to Andrew Mathews for raising my spirit in life."
Liz Sam
Chennai, India, January 14, 2000

I can’t recommend it enough
"A very positive book, written with humour and a lot of good common sense. I am a therapist and I first picked up this book for myself. I still find myself reading it over and over, and have recommended it to many, many clients. I can't recommend it enough!"

Changed my life …
"I found myself laughing to the point of tears as I read this book. I have purchased and distributed copies to all my friends and colleagues. Being Happy! Has changed my life in a positive way. Thank you Mr Matthews."

Andrew Matthews is the Deepak Chopra for everyday people!!
"Andrew Matthews has written a virtuoso text outlining the basic principles of happiness... and how these principles apply to everyday life for everyone. They will make a happy person even more fulfilled. Mr. Matthews seems to have read it all and deciphered the principles he has learned into language that is easy to digest, incorporate, and assimilate. Being Happy! is "The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success" for laypeople or novices in the world of transcendental thinking. Unlike Deepak Chopra, the guru of mind-body healing and personal fulfilment, Mr. Matthews approaches the idea of happiness without heady insights such as Indian mysticism, new age spirituality, quantum physics and energy, or meditation. Instead he spells it out in simple terms that anyone can understand... his readers never have to comprehend how atoms, the human body, love, and our desires are connected and interrelated in order to become happy. Both Mr. Matthews and Dr. Chopra express the exact same principles and steps in order to become happy and fulfilled in life. However, in Being Happy!, Andrew Matthews makes the process an accessible everyday event, and adds humor and great illustrations as examples to help along the way."
Andrea Hadhazy, hadhazy@aol.com
New York, New York

This book changed my life for the better.
"This book is a great 'pick-me-up' in two ways: Any time you need a little lift out of the dumps, this is THE book to read. Also, you really can just pick it up, open to ANY page, and take in as much or as little as you'd like. The philosophies expressed in this book are phenomenal! You'll find yourself saying, "Exactly!" and "I never really thought of it that way!" It is an eye-opener to understanding human nature, but in a light-hearted manner. This book changed my life for the better, and I wish everyone would read this book and enjoy the benefits of really, truly BEING HAPPY!"
Allison, JHi2088@aol.com
lucky, happy, blessed, and thankful, April 14, 1999

This book is like no other book I have read.
"It'll lift your spirits and put a big smile on your face ... to put it simply, this book is wonderful."

Excellent gift for a friend in need, appeals to all ages.
"After reading Being Happy! and Making Friends I made them required reading at work. All of the 30 people praised them and most wanted copies of their own. Everyone's quality of work life was improved. In addition I have given copies, as gifts, to friends struggling with tough decisions. Where advice and counselling have failed these books have made a difference."
Peter Honsinger, peterhon@kodak.com
from Rochester NY, September 16, 1998

Wonderful, uplifting book.
"I can't recommend this book enough. It lifted my spirit and made me see the world around me in a new light."