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Follow Your Heart

Andrew Matthews does it again!
"I got a much appreciated early holiday gift this year... an advance copy of Follow Your Heart by Andrew Matthews before it was released in the USA. In short: as soon as this book is available, buy it! Mr. Matthews' humor, wit, and way of "telling it like it is" shines through once again. For fans of Being Happy!, he doesn't disappoint. For readers not familiar with his previous work, you will find simple fulfilment in your life and work (as the subtitle states) just by taking the time to read and savor his gems of wisdom. On a personal note, Follow Your Heart came to me just as I was questioning a MAJOR change in my life and career. It helped me sort out my fears and choose the path I truly wanted to take in life. What I was reading gave me practical advice I applied to my own life.. and for the first time in a long time, things made sense. I hope Mr. Matthews’ book can reach as many people as possible and change their lives as it has mine."
Andrea Hadhazy, hadhazy@aol.com
USA, December 11, 1998

Another great personal development book …
"I found this book by Andrew Mathews by accident during my visit to Singapore in Dec 98. It was a real treat to read and I found the contents to be a great reinforcement of all the things I've learnt over the years. I would recommend this book Follow your Heart to anyone who has a sense of humour and wants to get something personal out of it."
South Africa, January 23, 1999

Want to change your life? Read this book!!!
"If you read this book and start implementing the ideas in your life everyday, your life will improve. Andrew Matthews has once again written a book about a very important subject that is easy to read and very funny. Like Being Happy!, this is a book to be read over and over and shared with friends and family."
Jay Yourch, jayourch@msn.com
Raleigh, NC USA, June 8, 1999

Definitely one of the best self-help books
"Follow Your Heart has definitely changed my attitude towards life. It provides practical and logical advice on how to achieve more peace of mind. It helps me understand more about the human nature, and that in effect improves my relationship with other people. It is the kind of book that can serve as a guideline for everyday life on how to become a happier person."
A reader from Philippines
October 20, 1999

Jam-packed full of WISDOM!
"Thank you for having the courage to write Follow Your Heart I can’t tell you how much the lessons within its pages have meant to me … it is jam packed full of WISDOM. In today’s world wisdom is a rare commodity and you bless our country and our world by sharing your wisdom."
Ainsley Probst
Newmarket, Australia

Follow Your Heart was great!
"From it I gleaned a revised positive outlook on life."
Daniel Speight

Moved me
"Follow Your Heart made a difference - it really moved me. I know other people will really benefit from the book."
Theresa Chin

Made my life easier
"Thank you Mr. Matthews for making my life easier. Every time I have problems with my family, colleagues and friends, I always refer to your book."
Azrene Rizal
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Changed my life
"Andrew, Follow Your Heart has helped change my life for the better. I almost rely on your books as a day to day reference guide now."
Lisa Thompson
Christchurch, New Zealand

Brilliant, inspirational.
"Andrew, Follow Your Heart helped me enormously in my work and in my life. It is highly inspirational, thought provoking, riveting!! I have bought hundreds to share with clients and friends. Everyone should read it!"
Christopher Fernando, Barrister
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I love your books!
"Andrew, if success is measured by the positive impact we have on others – and by making the world a better place – you are very successful. I have lost track of how many of your books I have loaned to people over the years – and I’ve always received positive feedback. I love your books!"
Peter Honsinger
Kodak, Rochester, New York

A wonderful book
"Follow Your Heart turned my life around... it comes down to simplicity and clarity of information. A wonderful book."
Debbie Perske
Proserpine, Australia

Absolutely inspirational
"I just purchased Follow Your Heart and I find it absolutely inspirational. Every page, and just about every sentence is highlighted! Thank you!"
Angie Lionetto-Civa
Perth, Australia

Follow Your Heart is a marvel:
"* Easy to ready
* Full of wonderful stories
* Very well presented and written
* Full of wonderful guidance tips
I want to tell you how wonderful I find this book."
Paul Joslyn, UK President
Life Insurance Association, UK

Your heart will feel lighter.
"This is another jewel from A. Matthews. Just as in his earlier book Being Happy! he once again pins down in incredibly simple and humorous form the way life works, and how we can make it work for us. What I find most amazing and impressive is how Matthews can put so much wisdom and insight into a few sentences. This is a thin book, with lots of his cartoons to make it look almost like a children's book. And yet, if you were to weigh the value for day-to-day life you gain from reading it, it would have to weigh tons. Profound insights that can change your whole perspective on life. And again, so simple. Your heart will feel lighter. A great gift even for those who normally shy away from reading!"
Reviewer: S. Forrester, http://www.SuccessForYou.net
California, January 30, 2000

If you only read one self help book, make it this one - cheap too!
"A book that everyone should read at least every 6 months. I loved this book so much that I bought the author's other two - this is the only one that you need to read!
This book is full of things that you already know - but need to be reminded of. It puts ideas over in a highly effective way - using funny stories and cartoons. This is a book that everyone should have and read to remind yourself of what is important in life. When someone feels down - I lend them this book; if they want to make a life changing decision I buy them this book - everyone so far has loved it and been happier as a result. If you only read one self help book, make it this one - cheap too!"
A reader from London
9 November 1999

Most common sense book I have ever read …
"Follow Your Heart is probably the most common sense book I have ever read on taking charge of your life and making things happen. It is not pop psychology nor is it one of the tired 'positive mental attitude books."
Gene Mahn, genemahn@earthlink.net
November 3, 1998

I couldn't put it down.
"I have to admit it is easy reading but it really gets to the heart of your soul. I started out putting papers in places I wanted to reread and before I knew it, I had a book full of papers, so, I used a highliters on the last part of the book. I am going to go back and read it again and keep it to refresh me when I need to. If everyone could follow this book it would change the world, I have no doubt. Change yourself and you change the world. I had to order it because the book store didn't have it in stock. Best thing I ever did."
Bonnie Roberts, BRObe36541@aol.com
April 6, 1999

A very motivating book
"It reminds us the difference between the fantasy world and the real world. It teaches us to accept the way things are. Basically, the author uses his personal and other peoples' experiences as examples to let the readers understand each topic discussed. There are a lot of things in this book that you will find helpful and suggestive, yet it never even crossed your mind. It's a great time to reflect after reading this book!!!"
Kenneth Chew, butchoychew@mailcity.com
May 17, 1999

I bought sixty copies for friends and patients!
"Follow Your Heart is a must read book that I have read over and over. It is so refreshingly simple! It has given me new insights into my relationships with others. Thank you Andrew."
Dr. Neil Baum, Urologist
New Orleans, Louisiana

Even my husband loved it!
"Thank you Andrew Matthews for writing your latest book that has had such an impact on my life! My husband who never reads, picked up Follow Your Heart and could not put it down! He read it in 3 days, laughed a lot and has been quoting Andrew Matthews ever since."
Di Padgett
Montrose, Australia

I bought fifty copies
"I first found Follow Your Heart in Hong Kong. It is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read – I only wish I had found it twenty years ago! I wanted to share it with everyone I know, so I airfreighted fifty copies home to California."
Jimmy Kalb, President, Vortex Technologies
San Diego, California