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Making Friends

Helped me in all my relationships
"At 21 I was a social outcast and seriously lacked confidence. Living with others was difficult and often filled with misunderstandings and hurts. Making friends? Maybe winning the 1500 metres against a pack of Kenyan athletes would come easier. My girlfriend bought your book "Making Friends" and gave it to me. It was the best gift because it brought along other wonderful gifts."
Roger Yap, omegaalp@singnet.com.sg

A book which will lead you to a wonderful friendship
"This book will lead you to a 'brand new life and new friendship! A recommended book for a person who is shy in friendship, who wants to have a lot of friends and enjoy this life. A guide book to increase a confidence about yourself in friendship and help you to be yourself!"
Teguh Luntoro, rmt54@mitra.net.id
Indonesia, October 18, 1997

This book exposes the facts and fun of human behaviour.
"Andrew has produced a technical reference on human behaviour that anyone can read and understand and will have you in stiches. This book will have you saying to yourself "thatís true" many times, meaning you knew that but had never put it into words yourself. A great book for any member of the family."
A reader from Melbourne, Australia, December 28, 1997

Common Sense in a Concise, Easily Referenced Format
"I want to recommend this book wholeheartedly. It is fun and easy to read, and will have your sides aching from laughing. But the laughter will not only be from the well-written, tongue-in-cheek humor - it will also be from relief. The relief will be that everything presented in this book is very common-sense and workable. Most of what Mr. Matthews has written here is no mystery - it's just that it may not have occurred to the reader. One revelation that had me slapping my forehead in realization is the notion that, when someone's angry or irate with you, facts don't help. Feelings do. Simple...? Yes. But this one little idea has already saved me from unknowingly escalating one really potentially volatile argument, and several smaller ones. This information is, literally, usable immediately. If you want to make more friends, or even if you'd like to improve the friendly (and even romantic) relationships you are already involved in, read this book. It is a compilation in plain language of everything about friendship that you've never been able to verbalize."
New Hampshire, October 1, 1998

An inspiring book to help you improve yourself immediately.
"I define a good book as one that has the ability to change your life immediately. This book does that. It's hard to argue with what the author is saying. He has the knack of explaining difficult issues in a simple way. It's the sort of book you want to share with others. If you're into improving yourself to the furthest extent, you need this book."
A reader from New Zealand, January 6, 1999

It gave me the answer
"I was feeling low and out of sorts with a friend of mine (who incidentally is loaning me the book). And then I picked up the book and looked up a particular chapter, and there were all the answers."
A reader from Nairobi, Kenya, July 11, 1999

It just changed the way I think and take life.
"I never thought it was possible to write on complex relations of human with such a simple language. Behavioural sciences have always been complex ananlysis which is not easy for average person to understand. This book cleared lot of cobwebs in my mind about relation between two humans."
Jayasimha, simjai@hotmail.com
Bangalore, India, March 16, 1999

Excellent gift for a friend in need, appeals to all ages.
"After reading Being Happy! and Making Friends! I made them required reading at work. All of the 30 people praised them and most wanted copies of their own. Everyone's quality of work life was improved. In addition I have given copies, as gifts, to friends struggling with tough decisions. Where advice and counselling have failed, these books have made a difference."
Peter Honsinger, peterhon@kodak.com
from Rochester NY