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Newsletter #1

Newsletter Cartoon


Isn’t it funny how we often treat strangers a whole lot better than we treat family?

So often, we listen better to casual acquaintances - and we have more time for them - than we do for our kids or our parents!

Have you ever invited complete strangers to dinner?

You spend four hours shopping and you blow the week’s grocery budget. You take a whole afternoon to set the table with your best silver and crockery. You borrow fancy glassware from the neighbours. You dig out the candles. You wash the dog.

You serve a spectacular seafood banquet - and you never see those people again!

Next week, Mom and Dad come over - and they get leftovers … a chicken in a paper bag!

Perhaps we should turn it around sometimes. Save the lobster and champagne for Mom and Dad – and when the strangers come to dinner, say “Sorry about the chicken in the bag. You should have been here last week. Mom and Dad came over!”

Andrew talks more about “family” in his international bestsellers Being Happy!, Making Friends and Follow Your Heart.