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Newsletter #10

Newsletter Cartoon

Little Things Count

I used to paint portraits for a living. People would ask me, "What is the secret to getting a likeness?"

There's no secret. Getting a painting to look like a person depends on a thousand things. It's in the eyes and getting the right size, slant, colour and distance apart. It's in the angle of the nose. It's in the shape of the mouth and getting the particular curve of the lips. And there's the skin tone, the shape and tilt of the head, the expression ...

Which makes painting like playing a round of golf - a thousand things matter...

To hit just one good shot, you picture it in your mind, you bend your knees, keep your head still, relax your grip, take a smooth swing, forget this morning's argument with your wife, relax your body, choose the right club, watch the ball.

Which makes golfing like managing a restaurant ...

A thousand things make it work ... clean bathrooms, good location, interesting menu, a clean kitchen, friendly staff, quality ingredients. And some weeks you still lose money!

SUCCESS at anything is not the result of doing one big thing "right". It is the sum total of doing hundreds of things as well as you can, consistently and repeatedly.

IMPROVEMENT is the result of getting better at each little thing.

Losers hope that a lucky break is someday going to change their life.

Winners know that consistent effort in all the little things, every day, changes your life.


The secret is ... there's no secret.

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