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Newsletter #14

Newsletter Cartoon

Making More Money

Question: Which people make the most money?
Answer: It's mostly the people who use their imagination to create things ... people like Stephen King who create stories, people like Michael Jackson who create music, people like the Ted Turner's and Richard Branson's who build organizations, the Jerry Seinfeld's who create entertainment and the Calvin Klein's who create "a style".

So you say, "If I'm not a creative genius, and I want to make more money, where will it come from?"
Answer: "From your imagination - whoever you are."

Example: Let's say that you are broke and living on bread and water. You ask yourself, "How can I eat some healthy food and save money?"

Answer: "I'll grow bean sprouts in my kitchen for virtually nothing!"

After a month of eating sprouts you figure, "I hate sprouts! I'll sell my sprouts to the neighbours for a dollar a bag, and buy steak!"

Ideas solve your money problems!

Example: You are already working for a boss but you want to make money in your spare time.

You ask yourself, "What skills have I got - or what do I love to do - that people will pay me to do?" You imagine yourself making personalised greeting cards or walking the neighbours' dogs. You imagine yourself renovating your apartment or teaching aerobics.

You try some ideas. Eventually one works.

Where did it all begin? In your imagination.

If you already have your own business, increased profits will likely depend on how imaginatively you answer questions like ...
"How can I do more with less?"
"How can I manage my time better?"
"What do people really want - and how can I deliver it?"

And guess what! Many of your ideas won't work. Fortunately, you don't need every idea to work - just one or two.


If money comes from your imagination, it is not necessarily working harder that will make you more money - it is an increase in the quantity and the quality of your ideas.

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