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Newsletter #15

Newsletter Cartoon


When in 1961, President John F. Kennedy committed to put a man on the moon "before this decade is out", he had no idea how it would be done - and NASA didn't know how either.

More than a million technical problems had to be solved.

What kind of rockets, engines, landing craft, space suits, underwear do you take to the moon?

Do all the astronauts go straight to the moon or do you leave a guy in a command capsule in lunar orbit?

And if you get to the moon, how do you make sure you don't land in a hole?
How do get home?

And where do you find two billion dollars to pay for the trip?

The Americans solved each problem, one by one, and in July 1969 the world watched Neil Armstrong walk.

The Apollo project was like any successful project. Your commitment is the glue that holds it together. First you commit, heart and soul. Then you solve the problems, one at a time...

If you want to build a business, you first commit to it, and then you figure out how to get the customers.

If you want to write a book or get a degree, you commit to it, and then you figure out how to finish it.

Same goes for a marriage - you commit to it, and then day by day, you figure out how to make it work.


To achieve any worthwhile goal, you first decide, "I will do this, whatever it takes". Then you start without all the answers and without any guarantees.

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