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Newsletter #16

Newsletter Cartoon

"I Can't Do It!"

Imagine this story ...

During your first weeks of school, you are sitting in mathematics class gazing out the window when the teacher asks you, "What's the answer?"

"What's the answer?" You don't even know the question! You are speechless. Your face turns red. Panic and tears! At that moment you tell yourself, "I hate mathematics!"

That night your mother asks: "How was school?"
You say: "I couldn't answer the maths question."
And Mother says: "Relax - no one in our family can do mathematics!"

Suddenly you breathe a huge sigh of relief ... "Of course I hate multiplication! It's in my genes!"

Soon you are telling your friends, "I hate mathematics. My entire family is bad with numbers!" You figure, "Why make an effort? I'll never conquer it."

But what REALLY happened here? You got a bad start and fell behind.

Maybe this mathematics story didn't happen to you. But most of us have our own story - about singing, hitting a ball, drawing a picture, public speaking ...

We got a bad start and fell behind. No one came along to encourage us. After one embarrassing experience we gradually convinced ourselves, "I can't do it!"


When we have fixed ideas about what we CAN and CAN'T DO, it's worth asking ourselves, "Where did I get this idea? Is it really a fact?"

When we give ourselves a second chance, and get some help, very often WE CAN DO IT!

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