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Newsletter #17

Newsletter Cartoon

"If It Doesn't Kill You ..."

The American cyclist Lance Armstrong competed at the 2000 Olympics with a broken neck. Armstrong had a head-on collision with a car in August, suffering severe bruising and fracturing his C7 vertebra.

But that didn't stop Armstrong. He came to Sydney and won a bronze medal in the time trial.

Lance has a habit of proving that old saying: "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Four years ago he contracted testicular cancer. When it spread to his abdomen, lungs and brain, doctors gave him a forty percent chance of survival. But Armstrong did more than survive. He got back on his bike and won the world's toughest road race - the Tour de France - twice, in 1999 and 2000.

Another Olympic cyclist, Australian Brad McGee had an accident two weeks before the Olympics. He raced with a broken collarbone - and also won bronze.

South African Terrence Parkin won silver in the 200 metre breast stroke. Parkin is totally deaf. He can't hear the starting gun and can't hear the crowd cheering!

Guess what's amazing. These are just extreme examples of a common theme. Every top athlete deals with illness, injury and massive disappointment.

I get inspired by people like Lance Armstrong. It reminds me of what we can do when we are really serious! And I tell myself, "If this guy can cycle 1000 kilometres a week, I can run ten!"


No one gets anything that easy. There's always a story behind the story.

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