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Newsletter #19

Newsletter Cartoon

When to Quit?

Imagine you've started learning piano - and already you are thinking: "This is too hard. Maybe I'll learn the triangle ..."

Or imagine you've begun selling real estate. And you can't believe how many deals collapse!

You ask yourself, "Is it time to quit and look for something easier?"

The best time to quit is AFTER YOU'VE SUCCEEDED!

Why? Because, success is more about persistence than talent.

With practice you can probably do most things quite well - maybe not like an expert, but reasonably well. And you don't know how much fun something is until you can do it reasonably well.

Until you can play a dozen songs on your piano, you'll never know the thrill of making music.

Until you have sold maybe twenty properties, you'll never know if it's more fun being a successful agent than being a starving agent.

Hang in there long enough to reach a target. Then decide if you'll quit.

It's like pizza. Until you've tasted good pizza, how do you know if you like pizza?

Of course, sometimes you try something and it's obvious, "This was a really dumb idea!" But otherwise, it's all about persistence.

When you finish whatever you start, two things happen:
1. You consider carefully before starting something, and
2. You develop a success habit.


Set a fair target, achieve it, then decide if you'll quit. It's amazing how a little success can change your mind!

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