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Newsletter #2

Newsletter Cartoon

Happiness Is a Daily Decision

I remember waiting for my life to get easier. I thought, “When I have less problems, then I’ll be happy!”

Then I noticed something fascinating. The happiest people I knew had more problems than I did!

Maybe you have noticed the same thing - that people who seem to get the most out of life have often had it tough.  They have lost loved ones, they’ve gone broke, they’ve suffered major illnesses – and most likely, they still have big problems! But they are happy because at some point they decided “happy” is the only way to live.

Happiness doesn’t just happen to you, like some “accident”. It is something you choose.

I was recently chatting on radio in Cleveland, Ohio, with a lady called Rena. Rena said to me, “I just got divorced, I am currently being sued, my house just burned down and now my doctors tell me that my cancer has returned for the third time.” But she said, “You know, amongst all this, I am happy!”

Rena was saying, “You don’t find happiness in the absence of problems, you find it in spite of your problems!” You choose it.

If you wake up saying, “I hope I have a good day, and then I'll be happy”, you never will be.


You make the choice to be happy first. Happiness is a daily decision.

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