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Newsletter #22

Newsletter Cartoon

A Track Record

I know a fellow who is forever trying to clinch million dollar deals. But his big deals never happen! Meanwhile his car is falling apart and even his dog is getting thin.

Why? He never learned to clinch hundred dollar deals! He never developed the habit of success.

Most tycoons start washing cars or selling newspapers at about ten years of age. They develop a "success pattern". They sharpen their skills. Then they aim higher.

You first learn to catch little fish, then big fish.
Surgeons practise on tonsils before they do brain surgery!

What's so important about a success pattern? It's what gets you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

When you know in your heart:
1. "I've prepared myself for this,"
2. "I can do it!" and
3. "I deserve it."
you are on your way.

When you don't believe in yourself, you are dead in the water.

Also, other people's patterns will tell you more about their future than all of their promises and all of their good intentions.

If some guy wants to: a) work for you b) borrow money c) be your business partner d) give you brain surgery, look at his track record.

If there's no success pattern, look out!


Wherever you are headed, start small and make success a habit.

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