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Newsletter #26

Newsletter Cartoon


Some people seem to get respect wherever they go - whether they are in a department store or at the doctor's or in a hotel lobby ...

What's their secret? They treat themselves well - and other people follow. People respect you when you respect you.

My wife, Julie, says, "Everything affects everything else.
The way you walk affects the way you talk.
The way you dress affects the way you feel.
Respect yourself and you will be respected by others."

A fellow asked her, "How can I possibly improve my apartment? All I can spare is $20."
Julie said, "Buy a broom!"

Your home affects the way you feel. Create a space that will uplift you when you walk in the front door. Neatness costs nothing. Better to live in a one-room apartment that is clean, than in a mansion that's a mess.

It costs nothing to keep a clean bedroom, office, car.

How can you feel like a mover and shaker when you have holes in your underwear - or when your toes are poking out of your socks?

Fred says: "When I get successful, I'll quit living like a rat!" Wrong, Fred! To be a success you have to begin to live it, you have to feel it now.


People treat you as you treat you.

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