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Newsletter #28

Newsletter Cartoon

Happiness Myths

In the 1990's researcher Ronald Inglehart published the results of a massive "happiness survey" involving 170,000 people from 16 countries.

The participants were asked questions like, "How happy are you?" and "Are you satisfied you with your life?"

To assess any link between age and happiness, the results were analysed by age group:
* 15-24 years
* 25-34 years
* 35-44 years
* 45-54 years
* 55-64 years
* 65 years and over.

Who do you think were the most miserable? The teens? The mid-lifers?
And who do you think were the happiest?

Here are the results -

* 15-24 years 81% satisfied with life
* 25-34 years 80% satisfied with life
* 35-44 years 80% satisfied with life
* 45-54 years 79% satisfied with life
* 55-64 years 79% satisfied with life
* 65 years and over 81% satisfied with life

The results for each age group were almost identical! Despite all the myths, age has nothing to do with happiness!


Its not about your age, it's about your attitude.

SOURCE: Data from 169,776 people reported by Robert Inglehart, Culture Shift in an Advanced Industrial Society (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1990).

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