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Newsletter #3

Newsletter Cartoon

Friends and Money

I have a friend called Jim. He has worked hard all his life and now he is quite wealthy. He lives the good life. He travels a lot, enjoys good food and wine, and loves entertaining his friends. Jim is easy going and he is generous.

Recently, Jim told me about one of his buddies, Ted, who is not so prosperous ...

He said, "I like Ted. Ted often stays in our home and we also take him on vacation. I have bought him a hundred meals in some wonderful restaurants. You know what bugs me? Not once in ten years has he bought me a meal ... or a hamburger, or a lousy coffee!"

Guess what! Even wealthy people keep count!
Even generous people count!

It's not necessarily the dollars they worry about. It's the attitude. It's being taken for granted.

Ted thinks, "Jim is worth millions. Someone has to pay. It may as well be him!"

So far, Jim hasn't complained. But he's had enough. And any day now, Ted is going to lose a friend - and Ted will ask himself, "What happened?"

Amongst your friends, you know who are the first to reach for their wallets, who are last to reach for their wallets - and who always forget their wallets. You also know who'll be in the bathroom when the bill comes!

And your friends have you figured out too!


If your friends are richer than you, and all you have to spend on them is a dollar, spend the dollar!

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