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Newsletter #30

Newsletter Cartoon

"Where am I going?"

Did you ever ask yourself: "What am I doing in this stupid job?"
Do you ever feel like you are stuck?

If you feel frustrated or unhappy at work - whether you're a chicken plucker or a brain surgeon - your best strategy is ... GIVE IT ALL YOU'VE GOT.

1. You feel better about yourself
2. You develop your skills
3. You develop a reputation
4. Sometime, someone will notice you and offer you a better position, or
5. You'll one day get the confidence to go do your own thing.

Fred says, "If I had a great job, I would really work hard - but if I've got this lousy job so I just sleep all day!" No, Fred!

When we continually give our best, life naturally leads us toward new opportunities. Sometimes it takes a while, but it happens.

One more thing ... opportunities, job offers - and romance - usually come from unexpected situations and unexpected people. It's life's way of reminding us to keep an open mind!


Successful people tell themselves, "If I make the most of this opportunity, I'll get a bigger one."

Life rewards effort, not excuses.

Andrew Matthews' international bestsellers "Being Happy!", "Making Friends" and "Follow Your Heart" are available from amazon.com and bookstores in 50 countries.