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Newsletter #31

Newsletter Cartoon


How often do you ...
* bump into old friends in unlikely places?
* learn a new word, and suddenly you see it everywhere?
* hum an old tune, and then hear it on the radio?

How often do you think about someone - and seconds later they phone you?

Coincidence? Not really.
Your mind is a magnet.

Happy people attract other happy people.
Positive thinkers attract opportunities.
Crooks attract crooks.

Thoughts might be invisible but they are REAL THINGS - just like electricity or gravity. And thought energy obeys natural laws.

If radio waves and TV signals can travel huge distances - through bricks and concrete - why not thoughts? Your brain is at least as amazing as any TV transmitter.

A thousand books have been written on the power of thought. How many "coincidences" do we need to get the message?

If you sweat enough about going broke, it will happen.
If you worry enough about getting sick, it will happen.

Picture yourself surrounded by true friends - and you'll find them.
Picture success, and work toward it, and you are on your way.

Your life is not a lottery. YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT.


What you think about, you become.

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