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Newsletter #33

Newsletter Cartoon

When life gets tough

How do you survive when life gets tough?
How do you hang on when you are grieving, lonely or broke?

You can only tackle your problems as you would climb a mountain ...

If you go rock climbing - and you get stuck on a precipice - you suddenly focus on the present moment! All your effort goes into your next step. Then your next step. Inch by inch.

Eventually you find that the worst is over.

The same strategy works for everyday life.

When things seem desperate, you can only focus on the present moment. One problem at a time. You take a step. You get a little confidence ... and take another step, and another.

Eventually you find that the worst is over.

If you were to worry about a) everything you need to do in the next year, or b) everything that could go wrong in the next year, you might go bananas!

But you can handle one day at a time.

And whenever 24 hours is too scary, bite off five minutes at a time.


All you can do is give your best effort until bedtime. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

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