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Newsletter #35

Newsletter Cartoon

What We Have

Imagine if we discovered life on Mars - even if it was only a tiny bug, or an ant ...

People would go bananas! Splashed across the front page of every newspaper would be headlines ... "THERE'S LIFE OUT THERE!"

The scientists would be ecstatic, "Another species!"

Now here's what's strange ... Twenty seven thousand of the earth's species of birds, plants, animals and insects became extinct last year.

That story never made the headlines.

Our tigers and pandas and frogs are disappearing. Meanwhile, we look for signs of life in outer space!

How often do we overlook the great things we have - and we go looking for new stuff? (We do the same thing in relationships!)

When we finally realise what we had, it's gone.


The first trick to happiness - and success - is to appreciate what we've already got.

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