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Newsletter #37

Newsletter Cartoon


Did you ever bump your head - or break a wrist - while you were clowning around with friends? What did you notice?

While you are LAUGHING, it is hard to feel PAIN!

All kinds of wonderful things happen when you laugh

  • Your lung capacity expands, improving respiration and oxygen consumption
  • Your immune system is activated - so you can better fight infection. Your body releases more of the protective T cells that fight virus and cancer cells
  • Endorphins - your body's natural painkillers - are released into your brain, decreasing stress.

Laughter not only reduces physical pain. It reduces mental pain!

When we laugh, we naturally feel more hopeful and optimistic.
When we laugh, we say to ourselves - and to the world - "I REFUSE TO SUFFER!"

Laughter helps us survive grief and disappointment.

There's a funny side to almost every situation. We just have to look for it.

What else helps? When we stop trying to be perfect! Then we can laugh at ourselves - so we laugh a lot more often.


Life is not that serious. We should take humour more seriously!

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