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Newsletter #42

Newsletter Cartoon

"Make Me Happy!"

When you are feeling cheerful, do ever say to yourself, I should go hang around some gloomy people!?

You don't! You look for other happy people.

Happy people attract happy people.
Miserable people attract miserable people.

Also, no one else can ever MAKE you happy!

Where do we get the idea that someone else can MAKE us happy? Maybe from songs and movies ...

In songs and movies people say, "Before you, I was lonely, I was a loser - but you changed everything!"

But in the real world people say, "Before you, I was miserable - but you made it WORSE!"

In the real world, other people don't change our lives. We do it ourselves.

If you are feeling down or depressed, only you can change your thoughts. Step by step, you pull yourself out of the hole.

As you begin to look on the bright side, you attract happy friends and colleagues.

To be surrounded by positive people, you first put a smile on your own face.


Your mission in life is not to change the world - just to change yourself.

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