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Newsletter #44

Newsletter Cartoon

Save First!

Does this ever happen at your house ...

Your family sits down to eat a big apple pie -
and in minutes, the whole pie disappears!
Even when no one is hungry, everybody eats!
Why? Because the pie is on the table.

Does this ever happen at your house ...

You get your pay cheque -
and in no time, the whole thing disappears!
Even when you don't really need to spend it, you spend it.
Why? Because the money is there.

Back to the apple pie ...
If you want to save pie for tomorrow, anybody knows,
you don't put it all on the table.
You FIRST put a slice in the refrigerator - out of reach.

So how do you save cash for the future?
You don't put it all in your wallet.
You FIRST put a slice in a special bank account - out of reach.

Just a simple strategy ...
1. Open an account.
2. Every week, before you spend one cent, deposit 10%, automatically.
Soon you won't even miss that 10%.

You say, "But I earn so little!"
Then just save a little! It will add up.

Lots of people can make big money.
Few people can save big money!

You say, "When I start making big dollars, then I'll save!"
You probably won't!
Better make it a habit now!


Here's the difference between rich and poor:
Poor people spend first and save what is left.
Rich people save first and spend what is left.

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