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Newsletter #45

Newsletter Cartoon

Wishing for things

Lots of us use visualisation to achieve goals.

It's where you:

a) choose a goal, and then

b) continue to imagine yourself with the goal already achieved - until you
actually achieve it.

Whether you want to:
* lose weight
* gain confidence, or
* get better at anything
experts agree that visualisation works. "As you think, so you become."

Regularly picturing success - AND putting in the necessary effort - hastens results.
So we might ask, "Why not just WISH for things?" Isn't that similar?


Visualising means:

  1. You choose a goal, eg. a flat stomach, an interesting job, a change of
  2. You picture your goal already achieved in the present moment.
  3. This image becomes fixed in your subconscious.
  4. You continue to work toward your goal.
  5. You keep moving forwards.
Wishing means:
  1. You tell yourself, "I hate what I've got."
  2. You wish for more money, or more happiness or Brad Pitt.
  3. Your mind drifts around in the future.
  4. You have no strategy.
  5. Nothing happens.

Key point: we change our life by putting energy into the PRESENT MOMENT.
When we wish for things, our mind is in the FUTURE.
So the more we wish for things, the more we stay STUCK!

Don't wish! No matter how bad your situation! Set your goal, make a plan, picture your improvement, put in the effort.

In the meantime, be happy with what you have got.
While you are saving for the Ferrari, be happy with the old clunker.


As you think, so you become.
As you wish, so you become ... frustrated.

Best wishes,

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