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Newsletter #47

Newsletter Cartoon

Kick the worry habit!

Most of us worry.

We worry about our jobs, our children Ö and what the neighbours think!

Some people will even tell you,
"You SHOULD worry!"

But worrying is WORSE THAN USELESS!
Firstly, it attracts misfortune.
Secondly, it is bad for your health!

So what should you do about worry?
Postpone it!
Take action FIRST ...
and postpone worry indefinitely.
Thatís what effective people do.

Whenever you want to worry, ask yourself,
"What is the problem right this second?"

Guess what youíll find Ö
Unless you are in a life threatening situation,
you don't have a problem!

Of course, disasters do happen.
Illness happens.
Financial crises happen.
Thatís no reason to live life like a frightened rabbit.

When crises come, you can deal with them MOMENT BY MOMENT.
It's only when your mind drifts into the future that it crushes you.

And your mind will want to drag you into the future!

Stay in the present!
Do whatever you can do today - and leave worry out of it.

Look at your life.
Has there ever been a situation that you didn't survive?
There hasn't!
You can handle the present.
It's just the future that gives you trouble!


When it comes to worry, procrastinate!

When someone asks, "Aren't you worried about that?"
tell them, "I've been meaning to worry about it Ė
but I didn't get around to it!"

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