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Newsletter #48

Newsletter Cartoon

Why Think Positive?

When things go wrong, remember:

It's not WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU that matters most.
It's how YOU THINK ABOUT what happens to you

Let's say that you are at the airport,
waiting to catch a flight,
and the airline tells you,
"Sorry! Mechanical trouble.
You won't be leaving for three hours!"

You get very angry. You tell yourself:
"This is terrible! This is a disaster!"

While you remain stressed, things will get worse!
People will trip over you, spill coffee in your lap
and lose your baggage.

When you fight life, life always wins!

Then finally you cool down.
You tell yourself:
"There's nothing I can do about it.
I am probably where I am meant to be.
I'll make the most of it."

Suddenly, everything changes!
From nowhere an old friend appears,
or you make a new friend,
or you stumble on a fresh opportunity -
and life begins to support you.

Once we change our thoughts about "a bad situation",
we can take advantage of it.
You already know this!

Life's great opportunities mostly arrive
disguised as misfortune and disaster.

Imagine two women, Mary and Jane.
Both get divorced.
Mary says, "I've failed. My life is over."
Jane says, "My life has just begun!"
Who will blossom?


Every "disaster" in your life is not so much a disaster,
as a situation waiting for you to change your mind about it.