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Newsletter #5

Newsletter Cartoon

Enjoying Your Work

Last year I saw a TV show about a fellow called P.C. Taylor.

P.C. removes garbage. He and his team clean the subway tunnels in New York City - not the platforms, the tubes! He spends his life in the dirty, stinking, rat-infested, trash ridden tunnels through which the trains run.

In the documentary they took the cameras underground. It's like being in a long cave, but not so healthy. P.C. has been at this job for 25 years - killing the rats and hauling out the rubbish.

The interviewer asked P.C., "So do you like your job?"

"Like it?" he said. "I love it! Homeless people live down there in those tunnels. And I'm helping to give them a better home. And while I'm helping the homeless, I'm putting my two daughters through college!"

P.C. is proud of his work. He also proves that it is possible to find job satisfaction in a miserable workplace.

I suspect it's not actually the garbage and the rats that excite him - it is his belief that he is helping to make the world a better place. In other words, it's easier to do a lousy job if you are focused on WHY you do it.

I think of P.C. quite a lot! Whenever I have a job to do that I don't want to do, I imagine myself chasing rats and hauling garbage.

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