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Newsletter #51

Newsletter Cartoon

Other People's Relationships

Has this ever happened to you ...

Two friends of yours decide to split up.
They ask for your advice.
You get involved. You try to help.

Next week they are back together again
and they both hate you!

What's the lesson here?

Be careful when offering friends
advice on their relationships!

It's a minefield!


The only people who REALLY know
what is going on in a relationship
are the two people in it!

Refresh Your Relationships!
In my brand new audio program,
"144 Strategies for Success and Happiness"
I devote an entire CD to relationships.

I cover:

  • mistakes we make and how to avoid them
  • forgiveness and why it is important
  • how to get respect from other people
  • how to maintain happy relationships

and lots more!

Click here for more details.