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Newsletter #53

Newsletter Cartoon


Do you like it when someone tells you:
"You did a great job", or
"You are a wonderful friend."
Most people do!

Most people feel that their efforts go unnoticed.
Most people feel under-loved.

So when you give them a compliment like:
"That is a stunning outfit!"
"You are an inspiring teacher."
"You have a beautiful smile!"
you light up their day - or their whole week.

Of course, some people are embarrassed by compliments.
They might even disagree with you.
But you can bet they appreciate your kind words -
they just don't know how to say, "thank you".
Compliment them anyway!

And here's the big bonus to giving compliments:
It makes YOU happier.

One key point on giving praise...

A compliment is different to flattery!
Flattery is insincere.
A compliment is SINCERE RECOGNITION of someone's qualities.
People know the difference.

Want to be happier?
Every day, aim to give one person a compliment.


In life, you find what you look for.
If you look for good things, you find them.
If you look for faults, you find them.

Your happiness depends on what you DECIDE to notice.

Strategies for Staying Happy

I talk more about "staying happy" on my new audio program,
144 Strategies for Success and Happiness.

Here are some emails I have just received from listeners...

"Recently I had some difficult times. With the help of your CDs
I found the strength to go on. It is the perfect audio program.
I discovered new possibilities, more success, more happiness
and a new life. Many, many thanks."
Paola Mazzarini
Roma, Italy

"Absolutely love the "144 Strategies" audio program,
and so does my 12 year old son. How great would it be
if all children were taught this stuff! Many thanks."
Margaret Ezard,
Cheshire UK

"Your CDs hit the mark completely! My friend Matt was feeling
a bit down, so I told him that I had just received these awesome CDs.
So Matt takes the CDs - and two days later calls me up to tell me
they are just what he needed to get him out of his 'funk'.
You should be very proud of your accomplishement."
Jim Kalb, President, Vortex Technologies
San Diego, USA

To find out more about the program, click here