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Newsletter #57

Newsletter Cartoon

Three Words

What is the theme of almost every song ever sung -
and almost every movie ever made?


Lost love, found love, risky love, scorned love.
It's endless! We just want love!

Almost everything we do is an attempt to get more love.
We buy cool clothes and flash cars.
We climb the corporate ladder.
We do crash diets, get Botox and pierce body parts.

Everyone you pass on the street and everyone who has ever
walked into your office is aching for love and acceptance -
and some of us are doing crazy things to get it.

We figure:
"If I look sexy, people will love me."
"If I am clever, people will love me."
"If I am successful and 97% wrinkle free, people will love me."

We can get so busy trying to find love that we forget
to love the people we care about …

Fred says, "I told my wife last month that I love her.
Doesn't she remember?"
She remembers, Fred, but she wants to be told every month.
Actually, she wants to be told every day.

Children want to hear it.
Little Johnny is born. Dad hugs him daily and tells him,
"Daddy loves you!" … until he's about six.
Then Dad decides, "My son is becoming a man."
He stops telling Johnny, "I love you."
He stops cuddling Johnny.
And Johnny wonders, "Doesn't Dad love me any more?"

I've lost count of the number of grown men
that have told me at one time or another:
"All I wanted my whole life was for my Dad to tell me
he was proud of me - that he loved me."

It is in times of tragedy that we are
reminded about what matters most.

That's when people say "If only I had told him …"


To say "I love you" costs so little and means so much.

And whenever it is too hard to say, "I love you",
"thank you" is a good start.