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Newsletter #58

Newsletter Cartoon

How We Progress

Do you worry about making mistakes?
Then consider the astronaut.

If you are an astronaut, driving a rocket to the moon,
you spend ninety percent of your time off course.
You get off track, you correct.
You get off course, again you correct -
and eventually you hit your target.

If you quit correcting, you miss the moon!

As in outer space ... so in cyberspace:
To build a successful website,
you have to keep correcting.
You monitor your traffic - and continually correct.
Eventually you succeed.

It's the same with any project and any relationship.
You get off track. You make adjustments.

Success doesn't travel in straight lines.

Mistakes are how we progress,
in science and even art ...

Let me show you an example:

I just drew a portrait of President Obama.

Go to YouTube and you can see it unfold
before your eyes in a 1 minute movie.

And guess what! It's just one correction after another.

Click here to see the portrait!