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Newsletter #6

Newsletter Cartoon

Why Set Goals?

Sometimes we pick up the newspaper and read where an accountant has just rowed across the Atlantic in a bathtub, or where a librarian is riding a camel from L.A. to New York.

We might ask ourselves, "Why not take a plane?"

The answer to that is, "If you travel by bathtub (or camel), you arrive a whole different person to the one that left!" Not only do you reach your destination knowing a lot more about stars and weather and navigation - you know a lot more about yourself, and about your own courage and capabilities.

Buying a plane ticket doesn't have the same effect.

Likewise, when you set a goal to run a business or a marathon, when you set a goal to get a degree or a promotion, or to learn Chinese, you arrive a different person to the one that started.

That's what "goals" are really about - what they make of us in the process of achieving them. That's why we bother. Your friends and your brother-in-law won't always understand this concept!


We set goals not for what we GET, but for what we BECOME.

You can read more about "goals" in Andrew Matthews' international bestsellers "Being Happy!" and "Follow Your Heart".