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Newsletter #60

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Happiness in Hard Times

News Flash: Happiness in Hard Times
is now on sale in Singapore, Malaysia,
Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

It has been on the bestseller lists in Singapore for the last 3 weeks.

From the New Book:

A lot of people will tell you, "I really want to be happy!"
But what do they think about?
What do they dwell on?
What do they talk about?"

When you really want to be happy,
you quit complaining about your arthritis.

When you really want to be happy, you quit resenting
your boyfriend. Maybe you leave him, maybe you don't,
but either way, you throw out your mental list of all his faults.

People become addicted to misery and complaining.
Mary says, "Well this happened so I have to talk about it."
No you don't, Mary!

You don't have to eat everything you see and
you don't have to talk about everything that happens.

When you really, really want to be happy, here is what will happen:
you will think about things that make you feel good
you will talk about things that make you feel good.

You become what you think about.

Emails we received this week:

"What a treasure! I read Happiness in Hard Times in one evening and am now reading it again, I love it so much!"
Angela Greer, Trinity Beach, Australia

"Happiness in Hard Times is taking your message to an even higher level. It's your best book so far."
Andrea Klee, Author and Speaker

"An amazing book ... thank you."
Sarah Simirani, Indonesia


In Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and NZ: at all good bookstores.
In the Philippines: exclusive to National Book Stores.

Happiness in Hard Times will be released around the world in
2010 2011. It is not yet available as an e-book.