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Newsletter #7

Newsletter Cartoon

Isn't It Amazing?

Fred boards a jumbo jet in Bangkok at 11.30pm. The jet seats 420 people and it weighs as much as a small apartment block.

For the next 14 hours Fred travels at over 800 kilometres an hour. Less than a foot from his nose the air temperature is minus 55 degrees Celsius and the wind is blowing at hurricane strength.

Meanwhile the stewardess serves him dinner - steak from Argentina, wine from Australia, butter from Ireland, cheese from New Zealand, coffee from Columbia.

At the press of a button blankets and pillows are delivered. Fred buys duty free watches for the kids without even leaving his seat. During dessert he watches the latest Hollywood movies.

He takes a nap. For breakfast, it's croissants and fruit.

And all this in economy class!

At five am London time, in the middle of a hailstorm with 10 metres visibility, he touches down on the other side of the world - two minutes ahead of schedule.

Fred's wife collects him at the airport ... "How was your flight?"

And Fred says, "The movie was terrible!"

Don't we take so much for granted? We live in an amazing world!

We are so fortunate to eat food we didn't have to grow and fish we didn't catch, to drive in cars that we didn't have to invent, across bridges we didn't have to build.

And any flight that lands safely is a good flight!

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