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Newsletter #8

Newsletter Cartoon


Guys are forever getting into trouble for buying wives and girlfriends the wrong presents. So this newsletter is for the men - and for women to send to men …

Guys, when you receive a birthday present, like a hammer drill, you say to yourself “Great – this is really practical - I can use this!”

So when you go shopping for your wife’s birthday present, you look for something “useful”. Big mistake!

Rule #1
Guys like presents that are USEFUL.

Women like presents that are PERSONAL.

Though some women like to get vacuum cleaners and can openers for their birthdays, most hate useful presents!

We guys should have gotten the message by now! In those romantic movies, when the couple embraces on the beach, and he says “I’ll love you forever and beyond”, he usually pulls out earrings, roses, pearls, diamonds … he doesn’t give her an electric kettle!

To women, useful presents mean “You don’t REALLY love me!” (As my wife, Julie once said to me when I gave her a set of very practical saucepans, “Why didn’t you just give me sausages?”)

Other things that aren’t personal include kitchen knives and accounting software!

Rule #2

With men, it doesn’t matter WHEN you get the present. If a guy wants spanners, any time is a good time … on his birthday, between birthdays, at anniversaries. Give a guy a set of wrenches as a get well present and he’ll love it!

With women, timing is important – as my neighbor will tell you. His wife asked him to buy an ironing board. It was early February … so he waited a week and gave it to her on Valentine’s Day. Serious error!


Most women feel that they do more than their share of pampering the men in their lives. They see birthdays and anniversaries as opportunities for us men to show some extra consideration in return.

Hence Rule #3
Women want to feel that you were thinking of them - and that you made a special effort. It's usually not about cost.

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