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Newsletter #9

Newsletter Cartoon

Throw out the Junk!

Want to feel rejuvenated and enthusiastic? Clean out your wardrobes and throw the junk out of your house. Really!

Psychological tests show that people suffer more stress in cluttered houses and cluttered offices. And in clean spaces we feel more relaxed and energetic.

It must be one reason why people love to go camping - it's such a relief to wake up in the morning and not be surrounded by endless piles of magazines, old clothes and souvenirs from the last 21 family vacations.

Healthy rivers flush themselves out. Trees drop old leaves and fruit. Your body feels better when you clean it out. So does your house.

A few thoughts on cleaning out:

1. Your old clothes will never come back into fashion! By the time bell-bottoms are back in vogue, the fabrics are different or the colours have changed. Designers aren't stupid - they know what you've got in your attic!

2. Sometimes we are reluctant to get rid of stuff because it would be admitting that we made a dumb decision to buy it in the first place. Relax! We all make silly purchases - so give it away!

3. Set small goals. Rather than say, "I'm going to clean the whole house", aim to do one cupboard. Then tackle another cupboard. Build momentum.

4. The hardest bit is starting. Once you've started, it's usually fun!


Your life is an energy system. When you throw out things you create a vacuum, and you get things moving. Notice how often new things come along to replace what you give away.

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