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Follow Your Heart

Finding purpose in your life and work



Over 2 MILLION copies sold!

“Wherever you are, you aren’t STUCK. You are a human being, not a tree.”

This book is about:

  • doing what you love
  • dealing with bills and broken legs
  • discovering your own power
  • finding peace of mind
  • dealing with disasters
  • not blaming your mother.

It’s about:

  • how HAPPY people think
  • why RICH people make money, even by accident
  • what LOSERS do and how not to be like them!

Your mission in life is not to be WITHOUT PROBLEMS. Your mission is to GET EXCITED!

Features 70 of Andrew Matthews’ cartoons.

  1. Why Do I Need Disasters?
  2. The Law of the Seed
  3. Beliefs
  4. Attachment
  5. Why Think Positive?
  6. Doing What You Love
  7. Make a Start!
  8. Luck
  9. Why Are We Here?
  10. When You Change…


One of the most inspiring books. I bought 50 copies for my friends and staff! JIMMY KALB

President, Vortex Technologies, Cal. USA

A must-read book! GERALD JAMPOLSKY

Author, 'Love is Letting Go of Fear".

Has helped me enormously in my courtroom battles! I have bought hundreds for my friends. CHRISTOPHER FERNANDO

Barrister, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You gave me power to follow my heart in everything I do. People look up to me because of this and all I can say is to find your book!!


Limassol, Cyprus

Absolutely fabulous! Has changed our lives! JONATHAN WOOTON


Saved my life during an intensely stressful period!


United Kingdom

FOLLOW YOUR HEART is a marvel. I always recommend it! PAUL JOSLYN

President, Life Insurance Association, UK

FOLLOW YOUR HEART turned my life around. I literally felt a different person. DEBBIE PERSKE

Proserpine, Australia

Sensible, readable and immediately implementable. Great  job! DR WAYNE W DYER

International Bestselling Author

Inspirational. Gave me strength within the prison walls! DR ANWAR IBRAHIM

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

Three years ago I was depressed, I hated my job, I was lonely and in debt. I stumbled on FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Three years later I have everything I want.


Maths Tutor, Yorkshire, UK

As a psychologist I have been referring Andrew Matthews’ books to my clients for over 20 years. Use Andrew’s simple tips and life gets better.


Psychologist, Sydney, Australia

Follow Your HeartFollow Your Heart cartoon 3

Follow Your Heart! was first released in 1997, in Singapore. It became the biggest selling book in Singapore in 1997 and 1998.

Like Andrew’s first book, Being Happy!, it is a bestseller in Australia, UK. the USA, Germany, China, India, Mexico, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand.

It was the first book by a foreign author to hit #1 in Korea.

Help with Depression

Follow Your Heart is used by psychologists and counselors worldwide. It is frequently prescribed for people who are grieving or suffering from depression.

Says Andrew, “Readers seem to appreciate the simplicity – and they like the cartoons.”