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The Success and Happiness Audio Program


Andrew’s bestselling audio series now in MP3  format – download instantly!

An easy-to-follow audio program that gives you the tools to live the life you want and deserve

Success and Happiness is your passport to:

  • more confidence
  • happier relationships
  • career success.

Now you can easily learn to:

  • eliminate old habits
  • program your subconscious mind for achievement
  • reach your goals faster – with less effort!

Part One – Your Happiness

  • How happy people think
  • How happy people handle problems
  • How to live one day at a time… and stop worrying!

Part Two – Your Relationships

  • Strategies to deal with family, friends, bosses and colleagues
  • The 8 keys to happy relationships
  • How to get respect from other people!
  • Relationship traps – and how to avoid them!

Part Three – Your Subconscious

  • You will discover the most important thing about your mind that you were probably never told!
  • Why most people program themselves for failure – and how YOU can avoid it
  • How to program your subconscious mind for continuing success!

Part Four – Your Prosperity

  • Money myths that will keep you broke!
  • How to make the laws of prosperity work for you
  • How to live the GOOD life!

Part Five – Your Personal Power

  • The secret to performing consistently at your peak
  • Strategies for peace of mind – no matter what crazy stuff is happening in your life!
  • How to use your mind like a magnet to get more of what you want.

Part Six – Your Action Plan

  • Learn the BIG secret to achieving goals
  • How to turn fear into action
  • What to do now…


Changed my life! I have become more successful in everything I do. I went from a bank teller position to branch manager in 6 months! I have never been happier.


Tok, Alaska, USA

Your audio program has helped me enormously in my work in the courtroom. Inspirational!


Barrister, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bought it a month ago – FANTASTIC! Even my mother-in-law loves it and she’s a psychoanalyst!


Mullumbimby, Australia

I feel like a new person!



Andrew Matthews makes simple what used to be complicated!

Co-author, The One Minute Manager

Brilliant, insightful and helpful!
I LOVE Andrew’s work!


Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

You gave me a light when I was in total darkness. I want to express my REAL, DEEP APPRECIATION for your message.


Seoul, South Korea

Inspirational – enjoying it immensely. I have my enthusiasm back!