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Being Happy! The classic international #1 bestseller!
Two million copies sold in 60 countries

ISBN: 978-981-00-0664-8
144 pages
40% OFF
Being a Happy Teen shares practical advice for teens on conquering self-doubt, handling bullies and making friends.
Over a half a million copies sold.
At last, a book that teens want to read!

ISBN: 978-095-78-8143-3
132 pages
40% OFF
Follow Your Heart is about doing what you love and finding peace of mind. It is about how happy people think and how you can think like them!
Two million copies sold in 42 languages.

ISBN: 978-064-63-1066-4
144 pages
40% OFF
Happiness in Hard Times is about surviving when you are broke and persevering after you get the sack.
It is about being happy BEFORE you meet Mr Right, and being happy when Mr Right becomes Mr Learning Experience!

ISBN: 978-0-9757642-0-6
160 pages
40% OFF
Happiness Now is about finding career success, happy relationships and peace of mind. Concise and humorous, it is a book for busy people. Features 60 of Andrew Matthews' full-page cartoons.

ISBN: 978-097-57-6427-5
124 pages
40% OFF
Making Friends Half a million copies sold. The international bestselling guidebook to happier relationships. Includes 70 cartoons.

ISBN: 978-981-00-1953-2
144 pages
40% OFF
How Life Works The new blockbuster. Already 42 weeks on the bestseller lists in Singapore and Malaysia. Bestseller in the Philippines. It’s about:
  • why the same things keep happening to you
  • why some people always fall on their feet and how you can be like them!

ISBN: 978-0-9872057-8-0
144 pages
40% OFF
Stop the Bullying! explains why bullies bully, why bullied kids don't tell their parents and how bullied kids can make a stand It is about teaching kindness and respect.
Essential advice for every parent.

ISBN: 978-098-72-0572-8
160 pages
40% OFF
Happiness in a Nutshell. The popular little book of Andrew Matthews’ favourite sayings and cartoons – now in its 19th edition.

ISBN: 978-095-77-5726-4
80 pages
40% OFF
Success and Happiness features the best of Andrew Matthews from his seminars around the world.
6 Audio CDs: Happiness, Relationships, Your Amazing Subconscious, Prosperity, Personal Power and Success Strategies.

ISBN: 978-0-9579802-1-1
40% OFF
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