Being Happy! by Andrew Matthews book cover
Being Happy! by Andrew Matthews cartoon

Being Happy!


The book that started it all!

Over 2.5 MILLION copies sold.

Being Happy! is about:

  • why you spill spaghetti bolognaise only down the front of your BEST suit.
  • why some people always seem to be in the right place at the right time – and how you can be like them
  • why bills always come at once
  • why traffic lights stay red for half a day when you’re late for an appointment
  • why you accidentally meet your neighbour when you’re on vacation in Madrid
  • why you can drive an old wreck for fifteen   years and never scratch it … and then dent your new car after two days.

It’s a book about …

  • understanding yourself
  • being able to laugh at yourself
  • becoming more prosperous
  • being able to forgive yourself.

It also discusses understanding nature’s laws so  we can better deal with our own natures.

Features 70 of Andrew Matthews’ cartoons.

  1. Patterns
  2. Live Now!
  3. We Move Toward Our Dominant Thoughts
  4. Goals
  5. Natural Laws
  6. Today is Important


I got so much out of reading this book and applying it to my life that I’m pretty much a completely different person. I am forever grateful.


Orange County, USA

Your books, pods, and Facebook quotes help me to be a better, happier person.


Hutchinson, Kansas, USA

Your books brought happiness to my life. I love your books!



I had been severely depressed. Attempted to end my life. BEING HAPPY! changed my path.

Brisbane, Australia

I was thunderstruck! How easy you say the truth – better than any psychologist!


Novi Sad, Serbia

Andrew, your book Being Happy! changed my life!

Manila, The Philippines

I was shy, negative and obese. After reading your book, everything changed in 6 months. Your book saved my life!


Baja California Sur, Mexico

Changed my life when I was 16 and in depression. Now, I’ll always be ok!


Valparaiso, Chile

I was suffering terrible depression, couldn’t pay the bills. I read Being Happy! I rebuilt my business. It completely changed my life.

Adam Sanderson

Worcester Park, United Kingdom

As a psychologist I have been referring Andrew Matthews’ books to my clients for over 20 years. Use Andrew’s simple tips and life gets better.


Psychologist, Sydney, Australia

“Being Happy!” Being Happy cartoon 2

Being Happy! was first released in 1988, in Singapore. Within a year it became the biggest selling book in Singapore’s history. It was next released in Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand was a #1 bestseller in all three countries.

It is a bestseller in the UK. the USA, Germany, China, India, Mexico, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Help with Depression

Being Happy! is used by psychologists and counselors worldwide. It is frequently prescribed for readers who are grieving or suffering from depression.

It is used by corporations and schools, by life coaches and golfing greats – including David Leadbetter, Nick Faldo and Sandy Lyle.

Says Andrew, “Readers seem to appreciate the simplicity – and they like the cartoons.”